What is Travel & Tourism industry?
  • Travel & Tourism’s contribution to world’s GDP increased by US$1 trillion (+21.7% rise) in 2021.
  • In 2021 the Travel & Tourism sector contributed 6.1% to global GDP.
  • Over the next decade, India’s Travel & Tourism’s GDP is expected to grow at an average of 7.8% annually, compared to 6.7% of the India’s overall economy, to reach almost ₹33.8 trillion (U.S. $457 billion) – representing 7.2% of the total economy.
  • The travel sector is expected to create over 24 million jobs over the next decade, averaging more than 2.4 million new jobs every year.
  • The World Economic Forum’s Travel and Tourism Development Index for 2021 looked into all the factors and policies that enable sustainable, resilient development of the travel and tourism sectors of 117 different countries and enable their development.
    India remained on the top within South Asia.
  • Estimates further suggest that the tourist arrivals between January 2021 and January 2022 stand at 18 million (1.8 crores), which is higher than the arrivals growth in all of 2021.
  • Oxford Economics and World Travel & Tourism Council – WTTC
  • The World Economic Forum – WEF
What is the difference between career in Travel & Tourism, Hotel Management and Airline/Cabin Crew?

• The 1st and the foremost difference is that, Travel & tourism has far more variety of career options than the other two.
• Travel & Tourism comprises of all three aspects of tour -Visiting places, monuments, attractions, accommodation and transportation. Other two are part of these.
• Studies in Travel & Tourism can get you career in Travel, Hospitality and Aviation.
• Travel & Tourism is an ever growing field, having a positive growth rate, 6.8% in South Asia and especially +7.1% in India.
• You can have your own business in Travel & Tourism with minimal financial resources.

What is IATA? How important it is?

IATA is International Air Transport Association. It is the trade association for the world’s airlines. IATA represents some 230 airlines comprising 93% of scheduled international air traffic.
IATA is offering variety of courses in India to serve the aviation and travel related training needs in the industry. IATA certification has a great value once you become a professional in the Travel & Tourism world. IATA provides online registration as well as course materials and conduct exams at regular intervals.

How old the institute is?

The Travel & Tourism Management programs are provided by Coral Education Pvt. Ltd. since 2008. They are the pioneer and only institute providing these courses in Gujarat. We are now an affiliated Snowflakes Travel & Tourism Management College with Silver Oak University to offer Degree Programs in the field of Travel & Tourism.

How many students are trained so far?

We have trained more than 400 students so far and successfully placed in the Travel industry.

What type of courses do you offer? Is it related to ticketing?

Our program offers Bachelor’s / Master’s Degree in Travel & Tourism Management. Ticketing is a part of both the programs. These programs are activity based and International Education Trips is a part of last Semester of both the degree programs.

Courses are full time or part time? Duration?

The programs are of full-time mode. Upon successful completion of THREE years of studies after 10+2 or equivalent, you earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Travel & Tourism Management. While upon successful completion of TWO years of studies after graduation or equivalent, you earn a Master’s Degree in Travel & Tourism Management.

Both these programs run on a practical mode and many indoor as well as outdoor activities are part of these programs.

Who can join these courses?

Anybody who is passionate about Travelling and willing to develop the career in the field of Travel & Tourism can join the program. The eligibility is different from program to program. But the basic qualification required for Bachelor’s Degree program is 10+2 in any stream and for Master’s Degree programs is graduation in any stream.

For further details please refer ‘Eligibility’ section of the particular program.

Is travelling compulsory for the course?

You are here because you love travelling. But you can really select your career path according to your passion. There are various careers available in tourism, where you can truly decide between outdoor exposure and simply 10 to 6 office job.

While during your studies, you are encouraged to perform many outdoor activities to learn tourism at its best, and that requires travelling.

What kinds of jobs are available after these courses?

⦁ There are many types of jobs available in the Travel & Tourism field. The most basic jobs are Marketing, Sales, Travel consultant, Travel Operations, Back office Management, etc.
⦁ The field jobs are Tour Guide, Tour Manager, etc.
⦁ Some unique opportunities are like Travel Photographer, Travel Writer, Travel Anchor, Travel Educator, Travel Blogger- Vlogger etc.
⦁ You can also work at VISA offices, Tourism Boards, Travel BPO, Airline, Hotel, Cruise, etc.
⦁ You can also have your own business as Travel Agency, Tour Operating Company, etc.

Are job interviews arranged by the college?

Yes. Job offers are provided by the Placement Cell of the college. It has a great link with the stake holders of Travel industry. Programs are having optional Personality Development and grooming module, which prepares you on facing interviews. You are also getting trained prior to every interview.

Are Placement 100% guaranteed?

Placement opportunity is available to each & every student for both the programs. Understand very well, Job interviews are 100% guaranteed. The Placement Cell of college takes enough care to make sure that every student is placed prior to his/her certification. Rest is all depends on your performance during interview / internship / job.

What are the fees for these courses? Is it too high? Are bank loans available?

Fees are not high at all looking to the Out-Learn Activities involved. Both the programs are UGC Certified and thus Nationalized should offer loans.

How fast I can earn my fees back?

Both degree programs trains you to become a travel professional. By getting proper advice from the Placement Cell you can get placed fastest and start earning your fees.

Can I do my own business after the course?

Yes, you can. But it is always advisable to work in the industry first. Minimum 2 years of working exposure as a travel professional will help you to understand the functionality of the industry to a great extent.

What is the future of my career/growth/industry?

Career is amazing at Travel & Tourism. It is always growing and full of opportunities. Students placed as an executive 2 to 3 years back are working as a manager today. They have become the decision makers in their respective work arias and heading the team. There are ample examples and hundreds of success stories at Institute. Our Testimonial section on website speaks volumes about the career growth and can be referred by clicking the following link.


Travelindustry is considered to be one of the largest industries in the world. Tourism is seen by governments as a useful tool for economic development. The economy of 76 developing nations out of 79 in the world is based on tourism.

The travel sector is expected to create over 24 million jobs over the next decade, averaging more than 2.4 million new jobs every year.

Travel & Tourism is forecasts to outpace growth of the total global economy.

What is the validity of courses/programs in India/Abroad?

These programs are offered by the University, Certified by University Grant Commission – UGC, Govt. of INDIA. And thus the degree provided is valid all over the world.

Still need any help?

You can contact the Counsellor at Snowflakes Academy for any help required between 10:00hrs to 18:30hrs, on any working day.