Vision and Mission

Experience Travel

Experiencing Travel is always fun at Snowflakes Travel & Tourism Management College.

Visiting Places as a tourism student or enjoying Field Trips or going for an unforgettable experience on Education Trips, it is like a ride on a roller coaster.

Playing theme based Games on Tourism is so much entertaining, simultaneously enhances your knowledge, which is so helpful, when you are back to the classroom.

Every moment of making Project is vibrant, teaching you hardest lessons of tourism along with lots of fun.

Preparing Presentations will make you confident, courageous and cheerful, in turn prepares you for an amazing career in Travel & Tourism.


We at Snowflakes Travel & Tourism Management College value all students’ exceptional talents, encourage and confront students to become intellectually inquisitive and make them aware about international travel & tourism standards as well as globally responsive.

Travel and Tourism is a unique profession in many different ways. It provides countless diverse opportunities to develop an enduring career. We select each & every opportunity for every single student according to their ability and preference.


At Snowflakes Travel & Tourism Management College, we provide an ecstatic educational experience that fosters most essential international perceptive, and welcomes diversity of thought in student with the help of different activities, while preparing students for a globally interconnected and ever challenging travel & tourism world.

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